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Why Having a Will Matters

Thinking about your death is never fun. In fact many people get upset at the very thought, especially if they have a young family. But the reality is that someday you will pass away and having everything set up is extremely beneficial. Having a will helps your family members know who gets what, lays out your burial wishes, and most importantly it should limit the amount of confrontation that could arise after you pass.

A statement that I often hear is that “I don’t have anything to leave.” While you might not be Prince and have an estimated $300 million estate, the reality is that you have personal property. Most people want to leave a specific gun, or certain peice jewelry to a certain relative and without a will you run the risk of anyone in your family ending up with your stuff.

If you are an individual who already has a will, but you have recently had a child, gotten married, gotten divorced, or purchased a home it would be in your best interest to update your will that way there are zero questions as to your intentions.