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Why Civility Matters

Many times individuals who are going through a divorce are out for one thing: blood. While it is understandable that one person often feels hurt or wronged by the proceeding, it is important to realize this does not give you grounds to try to ruin the other person’s life.

Some people will attempt to air their soon-to-be ex’s personal business out in their local Chancery Court. Others will be impossible to talk to. But, without fail, there are always individuals who try to use their children as a bargaining chip when it comes to the proceedings. When this happens the children lose.

While a divorce proceeding is undoubtedly trying, it is crucial to realize that your children are not the problem, and using them as pawns to get what you want only creates future issues between you and them.

If you want to go through a proceeding quickly and amicably, address the issues and be sure to honestly ask yourself what is best for your children. At the end of the day the other person will always be their mother/father. You will make your children’s lives drastically better if both parties can realize that and come together and still be a “team” when it comes to raising your children.