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Being charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) can lead to jail time, fines and the suspension of your license—but the lasting consequences of drunk driving can linger for years to come. Without the ability to drive, you could lose your job, which is why the right DUI lawyer can literally change your life.

Choosing the best DUI lawyer to fight for you can change the outcome of your case and get you back on your feet.

With Andrew Sorrentino representing you, you can expect:

  • Experience: Andrew has acted as DUI lawyer on countless cases, working hard to defend the rights of those charged with a DUI.
  • Personal Attention: Andrew works with you to ensure your questions are answered and your needs are met at all levels.
  • A Fair Fight: Andrew understands the law and the court system.

If you or someone you know is in need of a DUI lawyer contact Andrew today to schedule a consultation.


Understanding DUI Laws in Mississippi

What are the penalties of a DUI?

1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
Jail Up to 48 hours 5 days up to 1 year 1 year up to 5 years
Fines $250-$1000 $600-$1500 $2000-$5000
License Suspension Up to 90 days Up to 2 years Up to 5 years

Depending on the circumstances, other penalties may include restitution payments, vehicle seizure, and/or drug or alcohol program completion. Mississippi’s “Washout Period”—the period of time that prior DUIs are relevant for sentencing—is five years.

What’s considered “driving under the influence” in Mississippi?

DUIs are determined by a person’s blood alcohol level. Mississippi’s blood alcohol levels for a DUI are:

Under 21: .02%

21 or older: .08%

Driving a commercial vehicle: .04%

Is it possible to plead a lesser defense?

No, a plea bargain for a conviction of “wet reckless”—reckless driving involving alcohol—is barred in the state of Mississippi, which is why retaining an experienced DUI lawyer is important for your case. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI contact us today.