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Divorce Law


Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, which is why having experienced and understanding representation on your side is all the more important. Andrew Sorrentino works with you and the court to determine the best route through the divorce process including when to fight, when to negotiate and when to provide support and protection to clients.

Andrew will work with you throughout the divorce process and all it entails including property division, child custody, alimony, mediation and more.

Divorce Law in Mississippi

Mississippi recognizes 12 fault-based grounds for divorce: natural impotency, adultery, being sentenced to a penitentiary, willful desertion, habitual drunkenness, habitual drug use, cruel & inhuman treatment, mental illness at the time of marriage, marriage to some other person, pregnancy of the wife by another person, if the husband and wife are related within the fourth degree of kinship, and incurable mental illness.

The only no-fault ground for divorce recognized by the state of Mississippi is irreconcilable differences. In order to divorce on this ground either:

1)The spouses must enter into a written agreement in which they resolve all issues regarding property, child custody and support, alimony if appropriate, payment of debts, and other marital issues, which must be signed by both parties. Or,
2)The spouses must sign a consent to divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.