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Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime has life changing consequences. Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer who understands your rights and the intricacies of criminal law can make all the difference.

Whether you’re facing felony or misdemeanor charges, Andrew will use his experience as a criminal defense lawyer to assure that your freedoms are protected. He’ll help you navigate the legal system and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Misdemeanor Defense in Mississippi

While many people may believe that a ‘misdemeanor’ means a lesser charge, being charged with a misdemeanor can still affect your life for years to come.

While the legal procedure of a misdemeanor case may vary from that of a felony, they are no less complicated. From beginning to end Andrew will use his criminal defense expertise to help guide you through legal proceedings and court systems while making sure your wishes are being heard and understood.


A felony is the most serious type of criminal offense and will have a resounding affect on the rest of your life. Felony convictions vary, but carry potential imprisonment times; you shouldn’t have to face such charges alone. Andrew will work to apply the same empathy and understanding to your circumstances that have made him stand out as an experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer.

Whether you are looking for representation or have been referred to Andrew Sorrentino by a legal peer, your case is in safe and experienced hands. Contact us today to begin the consultation on your case.