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What is a no-fault divorce?

Though Mississippi does not have a truly “no-fault” divorce process, judges may grant a “no-fault” divorce to couples on the grounds that they are:

  • Two legally married people who no longer wish to be married, and;
  • At least one of them has resided in the state of Mississippi for at least 6 months, and;
  • Neither partner formally accuses the other of breaching the marriage contract, and;
  • They have jointly prepared a written statement showing that they both consent to the divorce.

Essentially, judges grant “no-fault” divorces to couples who don’t blame each other for the dissolution of their marriages—at least, not in the paperwork.


What is a no fault divorce?


Who files for “no-fault” divorces?

A “no-fault” divorce is one of the fastest ways to dissolve a marriage in Mississippi. Check out my blog post for the process of getting one. Is your divorce definitely someone’s fault? Depending on how long you’ve been married, your marriage might be eligible for annulment. Otherwise, here’s how getting a divorce in Mississippi works in general.

Who can help me file for a “no-fault” divorce?

Whatever way you’re interested in divorcing, at the Law Office of Andrew Sorrentino, I am glad to be there for you to advise you in your time of need.