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Legal Guardian for Elderly

It’s the cycle of life: first, your parents take care of you. Then, when you’re older, you take care of them. Normally for many of us that just may mean sharing living space with our grandparents or aging parents, but in the case of the ailing health of older family members, we may have to stand in for them for legal or financial reasons. In this case, you may become a senior’s guardian.

Legal Guardian for Elderly


How can I become legal guardian to a senior?

The senior first must not have already appointed someone with the power of attorney—that would already authorize someone to have a guardian’s responsibilities. A senior, or any other adult disabled to the point that they cannot fully advocate for themselves, can become the ward of a petitioning party after the senior is expertly determined incompetent, and the guardian is similarly determined suitable for the job. Only after that would the guardian be responsible for the senior’s care, finances, and living arrangements, among other responsibilities.

What are the responsibilities of a legal guardian of a senior?

If a senior becomes your ward, your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining and handling their finances
  • Taking care of their home
  • Consenting to medical treatments
  • Determining end-of-life options
  • Taking care of their home
  • Treating your ward with dignity, kindness, and respect

Who can help me become a legal guardian to a senior?

Becoming a senior’s legal guardian can be time-consuming, emotionally draining work, especially if people besides you are petitioning for guardianship, as well. Contact the Law Office of Andrew Sorrentino for help.