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How to Foster to Adopt in Mississippi

Fostering and then adopting a child is an important service you can provide to society, growing your family and giving children the love and stability they deserve. Here’s how the process works in Mississippi.

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Foster Parent Eligibility

In Mississippi, foster parents must be licensed. Both single people and married couples are eligible to adopt children, considering they meet other criteria, such as:

  • Having transportation
  • Having a telephone, smoke alarm, and fire extinguisher
  • Having an extra room for potential children, with beds for each individual child
  • Being legal Mississippi residents
  • Passing a criminal background check
  • Being at least 21 years of age
  • Having an income that could support a child
  • Having completed a certain number of hours of training prior to fostering

Read here for more tips on how to prepare your home for fostering a child.

Types of Foster Care

Emergency fostering happens as its name suggests–on short notice to the foster parent, when children are retrieved from unfit home environments and don’t have a more permanent placement plan.

Regular foster care occurs when a child enters the system and is placed in a home.

Therapeutic foster care is for children who need intensive therapy. Therapeutic foster parents receive very special training.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Foster Parent?

It takes approximately 6 to 9 months to complete foster parent training, though some programs in the past have squeezed in licensing classes  into 3-day weekends in order to meet the pressing need for foster parents in Mississippi. Potential foster parents should also factor in the time it takes to have their homes approved.

Fostering to Adopt

Foster parents do have the ability to petition to adopt their foster children, through a regular adoption process. Foster parents must realize, however, that the fostering process focuses on family reconciliation, meaning that the children they host in their homes may return to their biological parents and families. Read more about adoption law in the state of Mississippi here.

Who Can Help Me Adopt?

Contact Andrew Sorrentino for assistance in having a successful adoption process.