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How Long Does it Take to Get A Prenup in Mississippi

Suppose you and your partner are considering getting a prenuptial agreement. This is probably a good idea. If a prenup is on your agenda, it must be drafted and signed prior to your marriage, as the name suggests.

How Long Does it Take to Get A Prenup in Mississippi

How does getting a prenup in Mississippi work?

If you and your partner want a prenup, the time it takes to draft one and get it signed depends on how long it takes you to identify your property and assets and to negotiate what should happen to them in case of divorce or partner death.

This should ideally be done well before you sign a marriage contract. Plan for at least 3 months of research and negotiation time between you and your partner.

What should we consider in a prenuptial agreement?


  • Your bank accounts
  • Your debts
  • Property you own
  • Property you’ll consider marital property or separate property
  • Alimony

What if we waited too long to get a prenuptial agreement?

Some couples use postnuptial agreements, those being legal documents detailing the division of property and assets in the case of divorce, but drafted after the singing of a marriage license.

Who can help you draft a prenup?

Professional legal advice is always useful when it comes to entering legal agreements. Andrew Sorrentino Law is happy to help with all of your pre- and post-nuptial needs.