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How To Get Emancipated In Mississippi

Before we’re officially adults, many of us wish we didn’t have to live under the rule of our parents. Though for many of us this can be settled with having a talk with our parents, some young people, for whatever circumstances, are firm in their belief that living legally independent of their parents is best for their lives. In that case, they have the option of emancipation from their parents.

How to get emancipated in Mississippi

What is emancipation?

For minors, emancipation is freedom from control and legal custody of their parents and guardians before they reach the age of majority, which in the state of Mississippi is 21. Emancipated minors have the legal right to their wages and have the ability to enter legal contracts.

How do I become emancipated?

You become emancipated two ways: automatically, or by court decree. In Mississippi, automatic emancipation happens when you:

  • Turn 21.
  • Join the military.
  • Get married.

Minors may petition courts for their emancipation. Someone seeking emancipation may find it granted should they exhibit:

  • financial independence, and/or;
  • stable living arrangements, and/or;
  • pursuit of an education, and/or;
  • general maturity.

What happens when you’re emancipated?

Emancipated minors generally enjoy the rights of all adults within the parameter of state law; for instance, though you might achieve emancipation at age 17, you still do not have the right to purchase or consume alcohol until you’re at least 21 years of age. Your freedom does give you the right to marry, enter into legal contracts and sign leases, and choose whatever type of medical treatment you wish. You are not, however, tax exempt the way you would be if you were claimed by your parents as a dependent on their taxes. Learn to do them yourself, or seek the advice of a lawyer or accountant.

Who can help me get emancipated?

If you desire legal counsel or advice to legally separate you from your parents or legal guardians, Andrew Sorrentino Legal can help.