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How A Lawyer Can Help You in the Adoption Process

Do you need a lawyer to help you adopt a child? For many families, children are a life-enhancing, enriching addition to their households. Many families desire children, but are unable for whatever reasons to have them biologically, and some feel the need to love and protect a child who isn’t biologically their own. This is where adoption, or the legal process of gaining full custody of a non-biological child, comes in.

But just wanting a child alone is not enough to help you add a special new member to your family. The adoption process is thorough and lengthy, and can be an overwhelming maze for many potential parents. Here are some ways a trained legal professional can not only guide you on your journey, but serve as your advocate.

how an attorney can help you in the adoption process

Ways you can adopt in Mississippi

In general, you may carry out a domestic or international adoption in two ways: private adoption or via an adoption agency.

Private adoption:

Instead of getting advised by an agency, parents receive assistance from an adoption attorney. In this scenario, birth parents relinquish their parental rights directly to the adoptive parent or parents. This process may be less costly and faster than agency adoption.

Agency adoption:

In agency adoption, the agency becomes the point of reference for the entire process. Whether privately or state-operated, these agencies match parents and facilitate the entire adoption process. In this scenario, parents relinquish their legal guardianship to the agency itself, which then agrees to let potential parents adopt the child. Some private agencies may prevent same-gender couples from adopting.


These processes are separate from fostering a child, which is providing temporary guardianship and housing to a child whose parents or other family member might still have legal guardianship of the child in question. Because adoption is a legal action, in each system, a lawyer can be extremely helpful to you.

Lawyers can direct you to reputable adoption agencies.

Some families may choose to find a child via an adoption agency, but not every agency provides well for children; some intentionally overcharge parents for their services, or, in more horrifying cases, are neglectful or even abusive to the children in their care. Your lawyer can help you screen adoption agencies by researching not only if their license is in good standing but also if any legal action has been taken against them and for what reason.

Your lawyer is your voice in private adoption cases.

Adoption laws vary in each state. A trained professional who understands the system will be able to advise you of your rights, the rights of your prospective child, and of that child’s biological parents and other family members. Your lawyer will be able to navigate all of the legal paperwork and help you comply with state adoption law so that your entire process goes smoothly as possible.

How to find an adoption lawyer in Mississippi

Adopting a child can be overwhelming. Andrew Sorrentino Law can help you on your journey.